Internship/Volunteer Opportunity at POTS

Part of the Solution (POTS), currently has a need for an volunteer/intern who can help them screen clients in the waiting room to make sure they have the necessary documents. This role would be an enormous help not just for their team, but for their clients themselves–some clients will wait three hours to see a case manager, only to find out they are missing documents and to be sent away to do it all over again. 

 A student in this role would have the chance to gain valuable experience doing social service work at a nonprofit, to learn the ins and outs of SNAP (food stamp program), to do direct service with clients, and to give back to the local community in a lower-time-commitment context than other internships.

The case management hours are 9 am-3 pmMondayWednesday and FridaySaturday. The morning (between 9 am-12 pm) is when they are in most need of a screening intern. POTS is location on Webster Ave, just outside the Rose Hill campus. 

Anyone interested  has questions can email Catherine Larrabee at Thank you!