Take the SNAP Challenge!

F​ocused on food justice, the SNAP Challenge is ​an awareness campaign that takes the Lenten concept of fasting and turns​ it​ into an act of solidarity with those who ​rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program​ (SNAP) in New York City.  A person ​relying​ on SNAP benefits ​only
has $5.40 to budget a day for food.  On days such as Ash Wednesday, when fasting is part of​ the​ liturgical observance, we think encouraging students to ​spend no more than​ $5.40​, or use 1 meal swipe,​ is a great way to raise awareness about poverty and food justice.
Beginning on ​Thursday, February​ 23​, we will begin tabling in McGinley every weekday until Ash Wednesday to educate students about this issue and encourage them to take the pledge to ​F​ast in ​S​olidarity. The pledge will be written on a banner, which will be hung for people to take photos and post on social media (#snapforSNAP). ​If you or any members of your club are interested in helping us to ​promote this event, or join us while tabling​, please let us know.
​A follow-up​ event will be offered on Wednesday, March 22.  We are seeking volunteers to prepare sandwiches for POTS (local food pantry and community dining room) to distribute, and will end the program with soup and reflection.